Where the hell have we been?

Funny thing, blogs.

We started out guns semi-blazing, kind of stoked to share our adventures, unsure of who was actually reading about them. And then the road happened. And a big question kept popping up over and over and over again…

Who the hell are we doing this for?

(Not just the blog, the whole damn trip).

Spoiler: We are doing this trip for us.

With that question quickly answered, we bailed on the blog. Instead, we’ve been keeping a daily journal of our adventures. It’s in a book made out of paper and we use a pen with ink.

But for those lovely folks who have come here to check in on us, here are our statistics since our last post:

States Visited: 18 (including Alaska)
(Total states so far: 29)

Canadian Provinces Visited: 8 (including Newfoundland)
(sorry prairie provinces)

Miles: 17,000 (by road) (24,000 so far)
Bonus: ferries and planes (total ferry time to Newfoundland: 23 hours)

We ended up staying in Canada for much longer than originally planned, and by the end of our visit we were feeling pretty Canadian: casually comparing poutine in Quebec to poutine in New Brunswick, and becoming emotional every time the Bluenose II came back into port in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Time with friends along the Ottawa River also solidified our Canadian-affinity, inspiring us to add a sparkly Canada sticker to our bumper.

We’ve been walking an average of 5.4 miles a day (yearly average), hiking in some amazing national parks and urban jungles. We were among the lucky few to get a complete view of Mt. Denali and saw our first glacier along the Ice Fields Parkway near Jasper, Alberta. And then there was Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons with bears and bison and moose. Detroit is wild and fascinating. We experienced Radiohead in Montreal and Neil Young in St. Louis, and watched and loved Killing Eve and Fauda in the back of the van, parked in campgrounds and parking lots.

We’ve not been on vacation, simply living nomadically.

Since our last post:

Ted has published two huge new books/guides for the SAT and has launched a comprehensive online course. AND has been tutoring from the road!

Matt has completed a rough draft of his novel and has avoided filling the van with antique treasures that he has found at the seemingly endless flea markets and antique shops.

And so we continue. Summer has us exploring the eastern shores and we will continue to plot our path based on “asking the locals” and following our guts–most often towards lobster rolls.

Wishing all of you a happy August, with gentle encouragement to move towards and through the unknown. There’s a lot to see and feel and do out here and there.

Like this…


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