A month in New Orleans in sum, as told by the health app and a credit card statement

We’ve got some time and distance between us and our month in New Orleans, but our credit card statement just arrived and brought us right back. So I did some data collection from that statement, the Health app on my phone, and some foggy recollection.

Please enjoy.


Health and Wellness

Distance walked: 133.0 miles
Distance biked: also a lot of miles
Calories consumed: 1 goddamn zillion


Restaurants eaten at:

Summary Stats:
Number of restaurants eaten at: 38-ish?
Best restaurant in New Orleans: impossible question. Never answer a question this stupid. If you see the Buddha in the road, kill it!
Total cost of restaurant meals: decline to state
Calories consumed: 1 goddamn zillion

Restaurants we ate at in New Orleans:

Coop’s (x10)
Felix’s (x3)
Bywater Bakery (x a bunch)
Drago’s (x2)
Willie Mae’s Scotch House (x2)
Commander’s Palace
Pizza Delicious (x a bunch)
Bacchanal (x3)
Paladar 511 (x2)
Harbor Seafood
The Joint
Markey’s Bar (x several)
Spotted Cat Food & Spirits
St. Roch Market
Toup’s Meatery
Parkway Tavern
Two Tony’s
Three Muses
Cochon Butcher
Dat Dog (x3)
Port of Call
Buffa’s (x3)
Louisiana Products
Verti Mart
Oceana (x2)
Central Grocery
Cafe du Monde (x a bunch)
Compere Lapin**
Paloma Cafe

*Note: This is the restaurant with the greatest gap between quality of name (which is terrible) and food/experience (which is incredible).

**Note: This is the restaurant with the greatest gap between location on the list (near the bottom) and quality of food/experience (near the top).


Cocktails drunk:

Vieux Carre
Pimm’s Cup
Old Fashioned
Other Hip Place Names
Jack and Coke
Jack and Soda
Probably a bunch of others. What, do you think we were keeping a notebook? We were drinking, not conducting anthropological research.

***Note: do you want the best cocktail in America? Sit at the bar at French 75 and ask Chris H. to make you a Creole.

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