A probably pretty boring post about transition-states

Before we left, I predicted that we would have some moments of “adjustment” during the first part of the trip—just some understandable discomfort as we completely upended how we live our lives. Well, I was right. Somehow the joy of being right does not, however, lessen the challenge of an adjustment period.

To make adjustment even tougher, we’ve been bouncing around a lot. Since January 1, 2018, we’ve spent the night in nine (9) different locations. Nine! That’s a lot of bouncing around, don’t you think?

So not only are we essentially homeless, we’re also itinerant.

Freedom, man!

Freedom is great, but I think it’s fair to say that no one really wants complete freedom. Is it un-American to say that? Am I a bad van lifer?

All I know is, some freaking stability is also nice. Even on the road. So we’re in Mobile, Alabama, and will be for the next five nights. And then we’ll be in New Orleans for a month. And then, who knows? Maybe we’ll be ready for a little more bouncing around.

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