The Mermaids Of Weeki Wachee

Since 1947, the mermaids of Weeki Wachee have called to carloads and busloads of curious travelers, beckoning the masses to experience mermaid magic for at least 23 minutes. The mermaid who introduced the show said that over the years such celebrities as Elvis and Don Knotts have followed the siren call. So.

I’ve wanted to go for at least 4 years, after reading about the mermaids on some phone screen somewhere. Or perhaps they came to me in a dream. Either way: dream fulfilled.

Watch Weeki Wachee Video


My mermaid and me.
Ta-Da! Ted’s a mermaid!
Wait. I’m a Manatee?
Also, here is an alligator
And some Flamingos.

Author: Matt Casper

Writer, Traveler, Human.

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