The 5 Tenets Of Our Journey

Just to reiterate: we are NOT on vacation. This is living.


So, while riding our bikes (Rage and Rampage) on Key West, Ted and I identified and solidified the important milestones that we want to accomplish EACH DAY. These can be categorized into the following 5 tenets:

1) Read
*Books, articles etc. (Buzz Feed doesn’t count, yo.)

2) Exercise
*A daily average of at least 10,000 steps. 6 miles would be ideal. Ooof. This will be tough.

3) Learn
*Fun facts, theories, conspiracies, historical tidbits etc. The knowledge can be found anywhere (Except on Dumbphones). Examples: Museums, plaques, local history on menus, oral history from locals, cereal boxes etc.

4) Work
*At least 2 hours a day of writing in some form.

5) Fun
*It just depends you guys. But you know fun.

Ted work, me drive.


Author: Matt Casper

Writer, Traveler, Human.

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