Key West, Day 2

Matt and I have a funny way of traveling—we don’t spend too much time in one place. We hammer through museums in about 45 minutes. Literally saw the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay in one afternoon. Why are we so quick, or maybe hasty?

Are we products of the MTV generation? My parents still don’t have cable, so that doesn’t explain it. (And I still have to pretend to have seen the Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” video.)

Are we so culturally curious that we can absorb it all and understand it in so short a window? Ha. Girl. I wish.

Or maybe our brains have limited capacity, say, about 45 minutes worth. That might be it. That might just be it.

Whatever the reason, we take in what we can and then hit the road.

Photos from today.

Actually, this one’s from two days ago. Us on South Beach. That’s Miami. We’re talking about Miami now.


There are literally 9 chickens up in this tree.


Iguanas are the raccoons of Key West—cool looking but pretty f’ing annoying overall. They were all over the place in Key West Cemetery.


All over the place.


Look at this bad boy.


I think you have to go to Ernest Hemingway’s house if you go to Key West. That’s my impression. People mention it first, and then something about “the street where all the bars are.” Totally. Duval Street. Both Duval Street and the Hemingway house are totally fine and acceptable.


Hemingway’s house does feature six-toed kitties descended from the Hemingway’s Snowball, the child of a kitty who lived on a US Navy ship. Apparently cats have been welcome on boats for a long time for the good company and predation they bring. Who knew? I didn’t.


This one looks like a smaller version of our lil’ guy Max.


A party at sunset is a tradition on Key West. Traditions sometimes come with more obligation than delight.


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