We’re Talking About Miami Now (deep Waiting For Guffman cut)

Well, hell. Miami is pretty cool: so specific in terms of vibe and architecture and culture.

After having touched the water of the Pacific Ocean on Christmas Day, it was a helluva thing to touch the water of the Atlantic today.

After getting jacked up on Cuban coffee, Joe’s Stone Crab did not disappoint.

Driving Julius in Miami rush hour was no problemo, and we squeezed (barely) into the tiny parking lot of our hotel on South Beach (not easy to stealth camp there). The next morning, I woke up early and in a semi-lucid anxiety-driven state went to the window to check on Julius—he was totally parked in.

Shit shit shit! 

Worry was the accompaniment to my OJ and Frosted Flakes.

How the hell are we going to get out of here?

In a nice gift from the gods, just as we walked outside to try and sort things out, we watched as the two cars who had boxed Julius in were driving off.

Road goal: Don’t let anxiety trick us into thinking that it gives us control over the unknown.

Road wisdom: Things will work out, even parking.


Cafe Cubano. Nitro.
As soon as we landed in Miami: Croquetas de Jamón y Frituras de Malanga at Islas Carnerias. Thank you to Tony Bourdain for the recommendation!
Sunset on South Beach.
Joe’s Stone Crab on South Beach. Touristy? Sure. Fun and delicious and Iconic? That too. We’d recommend getting the stone crab, but ALSO the mussels and the coconut shrimp. The Manhattans were sadly underwhelming.
Julius trying to blend in at the Wynwood Art District

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