Booking It To The Starting Line

The Malaga Hotel in Mobile, Alabama. This poor fountain ain’t use to this chill.

Day 5: 2,017 Miles. 4 National Parks.

And we haven’t even “started” yet. We are closing in on Siesta Key, Florida which we consider the beginning point of our journey: our circular and maybe circuitous route around North America. Our goal is to “follow the weather” avoiding as much cold as we can. Yeah, plans. We have to learn to kind of throw those out the window. It’s been around 20 degrees our whole journey, reaching the lowest of 8 degrees in Elk City, Oklahoma.

But once we get to Florida! Yeah, then our plans will become a reality. Or else we will just roll with whatever the hell comes our way.

Road wisdom: Roll with it. And bring a blanket.

Matt filling up the water reserves for Julius with the delicious hot springs water from Hot Springs, AR.
Damn, this was good. Frankes in Little Rock, AR hooked us up with the first of many chicken and dumpling lunches.
Just pure genius. Evan Endicott: we are on the search for more and will stash you some.

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